Arthur alexander - a shot of rhythm & blues

In 1974, Haig, who was President Richard Nixon’s chief of staff. sent a classified message to the Secretary of Defense and all top echelon . military commanders that any orders sent from the Commander-in-Chief without Haig’s authorization were to be ignored. In the weeks leading up to the Nixon resignation over the Watergate scandal, this editor was a 20-year old Navy midshipman who happened to be staying with a Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel who was assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. The Marine officer related to me a chilling event that day at the Pentagon. The Haig co-authorization order resulted from a fear that Nixon, in an effort to remain in office, might have ordered troop movements and Army Reserve and National Guard call-ups from surrounding bases in the Washington area, particularly from Fort A. P. Hill in Virginia and Fort George Meade in Maryland, to enter Washington and seize control of Congress. The reason would be the preservation of "national security."

Most of them are about a young Scion of Athena named Sheila. I've started having a meta-plot so all the 'Sheila-verse' Scion stories are related, but not necessarily in a way that you would normally think in a story. So a meta-underlying-plot. I've completed the 'original' story-arc of Sheila, daughter of Athena!

Arthur Alexander - A Shot Of Rhythm & BluesArthur Alexander - A Shot Of Rhythm & BluesArthur Alexander - A Shot Of Rhythm & BluesArthur Alexander - A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues