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While Mr. Gradgrind insists that his children should always stick to the facts, Hard Times not only suggests that fancy is as important as fact, but it continually calls into question the difference between fact and fancy. Dickens suggests that what constitutes so-called fact is a matter of perspective or opinion. For example, Bounderby believes that factory employees are lazy good-for-nothings who expect to be fed “from a golden spoon.” The Hands, in contrast, see themselves as hardworking and as unfairly exploited by their employers. These sets of facts cannot be reconciled because they depend upon perspective. While Bounderby declares that “[w]hat is called Taste is only another name for Fact,” Dickens implies that fact is a question of taste or personal belief. As a novelist, Dickens is naturally interested in illustrating that fiction cannot be excluded from a fact-filled, mechanical society. Gradgrind’s children, however, grow up in an environment where all flights of fancy are discouraged, and they end up with serious social dysfunctions as a result. Tom becomes a hedonist who has little regard for others, while Louisa remains unable to connect with others even though she has the desire to do so. On the other hand, Sissy, who grew up with the circus, constantly indulges in the fancy forbidden to the Gradgrinds, and lovingly raises Louisa and Tom’s sister in a way more complete than the upbringing of either of the older siblings. Just as fiction cannot be excluded from fact, fact is also necessary for a balanced life. If Gradgrind had not adopted her, Sissy would have no guidance, and her future might be precarious. As a result, the youngest Gradgrind daughter, raised both by the factual Gradgrind and the fanciful Sissy, represents the best of both worlds.

DJ Record, in his capacity as DJ, music lover, and firm believer in turn-tabling has developed to a Globetrotter since his early life. Every week, with his roots in Hip Hop and Rap, he shows with his painstaking played sets that music cannot be categorized in genres anymore. Hardly any other DJ is able to play music this widely varied without losing his “Drive”. That is why his discography sounds like a detailed preface of a best-selling book and that is also the reason why every club books him constantly. He is not only known for his reliability and as a huge advocate for excessive party nights but these attitudes also opened him many opportunities to play in some of the most popular and biggest clubs in Germany. But DJ Record would not be himself, not this successful, and probably not a permanent member of the much renowned “INVADERS Crew Europe” if he was satisfied with his accomplishments and if he was resting on his laurels. His route, just like his sets, is always straight forward. And all that without being out of touch with reality.

Various - Harthouse Compilation Chapter 4 - Global VirusVarious - Harthouse Compilation Chapter 4 - Global VirusVarious - Harthouse Compilation Chapter 4 - Global VirusVarious - Harthouse Compilation Chapter 4 - Global Virus