Various - super dance freak vol. 71

Quality released the first Dance Mix album as Dance Mix '90. Two Years later, Muchmusic Dance Mix '92 was released with the Muchmusic logo on the cover and a series of advertisements on the channel. The final album in this series, Dance Mix 1997, was released by Quality without Muchmusic branding. In the United States, Quality, through its co-owned US subsididary Critique/Radikal Records, used featured tracks from "Dance Mix '92" to release the first of eight "Dance Mix USA" compilations, which proved to be popular with American fans through endless television and print campaigns. The last "Dance Mix USA" set released in America was in 1998 through Radikal.

One of the defining aspects of yosakoi dance is the use of naruko : small wooden clappers that are held in the hands of each dancer. Naruko were originally used in Kōchi Prefecture to scare birds away from rice fields. The traditional naruko has black and yellow beaters on a wooden body, but most modern yosakoi groups create their own naruko , choosing colors and materials that match their costumes. The use of naruko is required in yosakoi dance, but many groups also use other hand-held instruments or props, such as drums, other percussion instruments, flags, batons, and floats.

Various - Super Dance Freak Vol. 71Various - Super Dance Freak Vol. 71Various - Super Dance Freak Vol. 71Various - Super Dance Freak Vol. 71