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2Pac was in many ways more than just a gangsta rapper. He talked about his personal life, social and political issues, wrote spiritual raps and made a few party songs too.
His engagement in activism doesn’t come as a surprise considering his mother, Afeni Shakur, was an active Black Panther Party member.
Also, his “Thug Life” slogan was not only an ad-lib, or a tattoo across his belly, or a record label, or a way of life: there was actual activism attached to it, as Justin Hunte says in this video .

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In 1990, Shakur joined as a roadie and dancer for Digital Underground. His early lyrics were unremarkable, and he was viewed ambivalently for his tendency to act like a diva and for his occasionally violent personality. On a song for the Nothing But Trouble movie soundtrack, Same Song, Tupac was given his first opportunity to rap on a big-time record.

Big Syke - Big Syke DaddyBig Syke - Big Syke DaddyBig Syke - Big Syke DaddyBig Syke - Big Syke Daddy